Why Is Human Resources Such A Struggle?

Managing human resources(HR) is hard if you don't have a proper system. Even with a system, the amount of manual work keying in payroll data, leave or attendance in Excel sheets can be inconsistent and messy. As a business owner, shouldn't you be spending more time growing your business instead of sorting out employee HR issues?


Processing system is manual & messy

Takes too long to generate HR report

No proper handover if HR quits


Messy leave documentation or processing

No notification or leave approval

No system to bring leave forward or forfeit leave

No replacement leave system


No integration with payroll, leave and time clock

Difficult to calculate meal or shift allowance

Hard to keep track Overtime and attendance

Paybun Is Here To Help

Paybun is a cloud solution that helps you by providing a stress-free cloud-based HR solution. Paybun provides an automated system to handle your payroll, leave and attendance within your company. You can easily access Paybun through your mobile phone or computer anywhere and check on the status of your company's HR. With Paybun, you don't have to ever worry about messy HR processes giving you stress.

Making Payroll Simple

We've made it simple so that anyone can understand and easily use it.

Our payroll processing is a simple 1-page interface that is easy to learn and great to have a quick overview of your current company payrolls.

We also made it so that it's convenient for you to submit all your bank and statutory files online.

Save time. Get automatically generated one-click reports and file submissions.

Paybun supports up to 4 payroll cycles and allows for configurable formulas for fast entries and calculations, making life easier.

Paybun allows all employees to see their E-Payslips and E-EA forms for their convenience.

Most importantly, our payroll system is 100% statutory compliant. No worries.

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Easy Leave System

Taking leave and ensuring proper notification and availability shouldn't be a hassle.

E-Leave application form is online and easily available to all employees.

Set-up your own Leave Group Entitlement, hassle-free.

Automated leave process makes bringing leave forward, replacement or forfeit easier to keep track and arrange.

All employees get an e-mail for leave approval or rejection, so they are made aware.

Don't have to memorise calendar to see all available holidays for every state.

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Integrated Attendance System

With work from home being prevalent, we have a GPS location check-in and out plus remote overtime system in place.

Enjoy complete integration with payroll, leave or MC and any existing biometric or time clock system, for fewer headaches.

Simple daily attendance and overtime monitoring system with easy approval system by management.

Automatically calculates the time-based allowance for meals and shifts to make life easier.

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What Our Clients Say

We are proud to have our clients vouch for the use of our software over the past few years.

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